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( CPVC ) Series

CPVC resin, an advanced engineering material, is made from modified PVC resin by 

chlorination. This product is white or light yellow particles or powder which is tasteless, 

odorless and non-toxic. After the chlorination of PVC resin, the irregularity and polarity 

of molecule bond increase, thus the solubility of the resin and its chemical stability increase. 

Corrosion resistance of heat, acid, alkali, salt and oxidizer also witnesses an improvement. 

The mechanical property of the thermal deformation temperature improves accordingly. The 

content of chlorine sees a growth from 56.7% to 63%-69%. Its Vicat Softening Temperature 

increases from 72-82C to 90-125C with a maximum use of temperature and long time 

using temperature reaching 110 ℃ and 95 ℃ respectively. Hence, CPVC is a kind of advanced 

engineering plastic with rosy prospect.


Pipe and fitting for hot and cold water, heat- and corrosion- resistant pipe and fitting used in 
chemical field, CPVC pipe and fitting for buried high voltage cable, fire hoses and fittings in 
places with strict fire safety requirements, pipe and fitting for crude oil.

Package & Storage

Plastic woven sack with 25±0.1Kg per bag.

This product shall be stored in the warehouse which is dry and ventilated. The stack shall be strictly 

restricted in less than 10 bags. Sun light and dampness shall be avoided. During its shipment, a clean 

and covered means of transportation, to prevent the cargo from sun light, rain drop and heat, is required. 

This is a non-hazardous product with innocuity.

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