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Xiangsheng Attends the Meeting of Architectural So
Date Time:2019-09-26 16:01:00
The Plenary Meeting of the third session of the third meeting of Architectural Society of China Water Supply and Drainage Branch was hold in Guangzhou from SEPT 21st to 22nd. This meeting was hold by Architectural Society of China Water Supply and Drainage Branch, China Architecture Design and Research Group and Shanghai Panda Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. Shandong Xiangsheng was invited to the meeting as a supporting company.

The meeting mainly covers five subjects, 1) reports on the latest development of water supply and drainage in architectures, 2) experience in the design of major domestic project, 3) preparation and application of latest national regulations, standards and rules, 4) water managements and technical exchange, 5) exchange over the latest products, technique and equipment.

Water is the source of life and water safety is of paramount importance. As a branch of SUNEIGHT CPVC system, CPVC hot & cold water system is becoming increasingly popular in the household owing to its excellent hygienic property.
(Xiangsheng staff with President of Architectural Society of China Water Supply and Drainage Branch)
(Xiangsheng Staff with Secretary General of China Plastics Processing Industry Association)

When water is conveyed by metal pipes, microbial (bacteria or fungi) is sure to accumulates. These microbials, however, will generate organic acid, which will corrode the metal pipe, penetrate the pipe and lead to the leakage of the pipe.

CPVC, however, is another story. With its special antifungal characteristic, it can not provide the nutrient bacterial needs. What’s more, it can effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacterial. Along with its smooth inner wall, MIC can be hardly seen.

According to the test, bacterial grows slowest in CPVC pipes.

(From Holland KIWA Research Institute)
In the mean time, CPVC fire sprinkler system once again caught those experts eyes. Some of them are quite familiar with this material while others do not, but all of these experts believe CPVC fire sprinkler system is to have a rosy prospect.

On seeing SUNEIGHT’s CPVC fire sprinkler system, they were astonished by the “This should be called an artcraft!” An experts said, pointing at SUNEIGHT’s female adaptor.

There is photo live during the meeting. Till this news is released, more than 80,000 people has viewed the live meeting. When clicking HOT pictures, you can find out that Xiangsheng’s pictures rank top. Thank you so much for all your support!

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