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Date Time:2019-01-22 14:05:00
January 21st,Lin Hongyu, Deputy Party Secretary of Weifang and Party Secretary of Shouguang,visited SUNEIGHT. Secretary Lin is very much obsessed with CPVC and eager to know more about it. He asked and listened about the operation of the company and the information about the products. During the visit, Secretary Lin invited questions with the aim to better support SUNEIGHT. Zhang Zhongshan, Deputy Mayor, made the accompany.
(In the show room)

“How long is the service life of this pipe?” With SUNEIGHT CPVC pipe in hand, Secretary Lin felt the smooth of the pipe and asked with curiosity.

“50 years. CPVC pipe is corrosion resistant. It has good resistance toward heat, acid, base, salt,oxidant, etc. Also, it is very stable.” Relative personnel explained.
Since 2012,SUNEIGHT has started to explore CPVC production technic to produce CPVC resin and compound. What’s more, SUNEIGHT took part in the draft of the National Standard of CPVC resin and compound. SUNEIGHT has formed strategic partnership with Krauss Maffei and Engel, introducing CPVC intelligent manufacturing equipment, carrying on in-depth R&D on the domestic, industrial and fire protection usage of CPVC and producing varies sizes of high quality CPVC products. To make the brand of SUNEIGHT more competitive, since the implementation of Code for Installation and Commissioning of Sprinkler Systems, SUNEIGHT has extended itself from a raw-material-production factory to a raw-material-and-product-production factory, which is the first of this kind in the industry. SUNEIGHT also has NSF 61 certification.
(Seeing the Krauss Maffei extruder)
Secretary Lin said, all governments should pay attention to the development of private enterprises and fully implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s word on the Forum of Private Enterprise, unremittingly sparing no effort to create an environment which is favorable for the enterprises. We must form a close connection with the enterprise, inform the problems in a timely manner and complete follow-up works so as to answer to the problems these enterprises may face. Fully understand their needs, draft related policy and implement concrete measures to solve these problems are what we should do. At the same time, we must make sure these policies we introduced can be implemented effectively. By targeted policies, proactively solve varies problems private enterprises encounter, so as to promote the healthy development of the private economy.

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