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The construction and building industry is booming in both domestic and commercial arenas, owing to which the demand for reliable, economical and high quality piping and plumbing systems is catapulting. There are several factors that have to be considered while choosing piping systems for water utilities such as versatility, long term maintenance costs, environmental effect, safety of drinking water and public health.
Over the recent times, the CPVC piping systems have become the number one choice for piping requirements in every sector as they are highly durable, friction free, smooth,corrosion resistant and environmental friendly. They are cheaper and easier to install as they are lightweighted. CPVC pipes are universally compatible and available in a wide range of sizes.
What Are CPVC Pipes?
CPVC pipes are PVC pipes which are chlorinated through free radical chlorination reaction, initiated by UV light. These pipes are manufactured by introducing chlorine to PVC via the fluidized bed chlorination process. With the help of further processing,the chlorinated PVC is amalgamated with ingredients essential for adding desired properties. The chlorine in CPVC pipes renders it high temperature and corrosion resistance with durable performance.
Introduced in the year 1959 for potable plumbing, CPVC, which is basically a high temperature plastic piping system, found extensive usage as fire sprinkler systems since the year of 1985. CPVC pipes are suitable for hot and cold water plumbing distribution, reclaimed water piping, hydronic piping and distribution, chilled water piping as well as for various industry and process piping applications.
Here are the advantages of using CPVC pipes due to which they have found great usage for both residential and industrial purposes:
1. Cost Effective& Lightweight
CPVC pipes are extremely light in weight due to which they are easily transportable and hence ensure low shipping costs. Also, ease in handling, cutting and installation leads in low labour costs. The installation of CPVC pipes are made through fast cold welding which requires no cost to be incurred for any kind of heat or electricity requirement. The only requirements for installing CPVC pipes in a leak proof manner are chamfering tool, cutter and CPVC solvent.
2. Best Suitable For Carrying Potable Water
Potable water should be carried in a manner which ensures proper protection from bacterial growth so that water is delivered in a healthy manner. CPVC pipes retard the growth of bacteria and are suitable for water whose pH levels even below 6.5
3. Corrosion &Abrasion Resistant
CPVC pipes remain strong even in extreme water conditions such as corrosive soils, coastal salt air exposure and low pH value in water. The pipes can be buried under concrete slabs without worrying of any chemical reaction with cement.
4. Energy Efficient
CPVC pipes are self-insulating. Their low thermal conductivity reduces heat and thereby,demands low insulation levels and cost.
5. Perfect Performance Even in Adverse Conditions
With high pressure bearing capacity, CPVC pipes are strong, rigid and require less support with minimum looping too. This increases their performance and durability even in tough conditions.
6. Smooth Surface
Since the internal surface is free from leaching, scaling and pitting, the smooth surface ensures full bore flow and decreased water noise. CPVC pipes maintain full water carrying capacity and avoid loss of water pressure.
7. Leakage free
CPVC pipes make use of CPVC solvent for cold welding which is a fast and simple process that guarantees no leakage for the entire life span of the whole piping system.
8. Durable &Reliable
Low initial and maintenance cost with corrosion resistance makes the CPVC pipes highly durable and reliable.
9. Highly Flexible
CPVC pipes are highly flexible, which implies that there is no requirement of water hammer arrestors under normal conditions as the water hammer intensity equals one third of copper or steel pipe.
10. Fire Resistant
What makes CPVC pipe a most accepted choice in modern times lies in its integral fire retarding property with high LOI (Limiting Oxygen Index) of 60. Therefore, these pipes in air cannot be the reason for any fire outbreak or support combustion. It has low smoke generation and low flame spread.
11. Perfect Choice for Home Plumbing Systems
CPVC pipes are found to be quieter than the copper plumbing systems by four times, as it significantly reduces the noise of running water and water hammer. The pipes’ thermoplastic properties help to eliminate sweating and condensation. It keeps the cold water colder and hot water hotter while there is less loss of energy through pipe walls, saving cost incurred in heating and cooling.
In addition, there are several other advantages of using CPVC pipes such as they are less subjected to theft in comparison to copper or metal pipes and their prices remain stable. As people’s desire for eco-friendly material sees no decline, CPVC pipes remain an ideal choice for various plumbing needs.
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